Interview with Napolean Da Legend

Mydailyjoe catches up with rising artist Napoleon Da Legend for this random, but exclusive interview.

If you had to break down your whole life story in just one or two sentences, what would it read like?

Damn this lobster tail actually tastes like plastic; I should have ordered the chicken. Out of his ashes, the Phoenix rises again.

What is the science behind your name? Or is there any?

Napoleon I, the historical figure, epitomized meritocracy by toppling the aristocratic establishment in his country. He came from a modest family on an island to the south of France and managed to reach the heights of power in his hemisphere. That is unheard of right there, especially in that era and location. The music industry from the outside looking in seems like a giant fortress like Lord of the Rings. It’s like the Matrix, you know. I chose the red pill. Since, people on the streets were already calling me Napoleon from my balling days on the courts. I chose to add that Da Legend, because Napoleon I ended up suffering a great demise after having reached the highest peak of rulership a man could attain. I plan to rewrite my history.

How did the Napoleon Da Legend character come to exist?

Out of the dirt and earth sediment, precious diamonds can be found. Pressure and heat creates diamonds. Let just say I’ve been around a lot of dirt, pressure and heat…

Why should the industry mess with your upcoming project?  Pitch it:

Nobody wants to hear the same shit repackaged and released, which is what has turned people off from our genre of music in the past few years. In a world where people like to sit “in the pocket” and be in a comfort zone, I’ve chosen to just be my own man. Nobody else can occupy Napoleon’s place in the musical landscape, it’s physically and sonically not possible.  Is he a Myth or a Legend? You decide…

Is there a specific goal you are trying to accomplish with your album?

My goal with this album is to immortalize and fossilize myself, my thoughts and leave a small part of me on this green earth. After I’m long gone, maybe somebody will come across it and tell a friend “Once upon a time there was an MC named Napoleon Da Legend and his story went this way….”.


What is your opinion on the “creamy crack” syndrome?

Black women ain’t the only women that go through artificial processes to reach mythical levels of beauty. White chicks go to tanning salons to darken their tone too. Women throw in silicone and collagen inside their skin. Whatever floats your boat. Life is a school, we try things and then we learn. The fact that’s its nicknamed crack suggests it’s something addicting and corroding to the self. In that sense, if a woman can’t live without it, I don’t think it’s all that good. What if your plane gets stranded in Iceland shorty wop? You gonna be ass-out sista…

Most played out phrase of the past few years?

“No Homo”, it’s just useless expression. That’s just an excuse to say some gay-ass shit and get away with it by saying “No Homo”.

Worst performance by an artist ever witnessed?

I gotta say Whitney Houston man. I love her to death but damn, where the vocal cords went? She had concertgoers pissed on her last outing fam!!!

You haven’t eaten in 3 days. You’re at a restaurant and your about to order. What is your meal of choice?

I’d probably wanna go through the whole menu (laughs). Nah, but if I had one choice, it would probably be “foie gras” and a French baguette. You need to have Napoleonic taste buds for that type of thing.

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