Hoopla Media Group Going Major

Hoopla Media Group is wide awake on the entertainment horizon!

Hoopla Media Group has joined forces with WIDEawake Entertainment Group for the global circulation of their vastly growing music catalog, which will now be distributed through E1 Entertainment.

WIDEawake Entertainment Group recently purchased Death Row Records for 18 Million – the infamous and powerful record company that rose to prominence in the early nineties and now has generated over 7 billion dollars in revenue to date.

This Hoopla Media Group and WIDEawake Entertainment deal has been in the works for over a year now, when Hoopla Media Group was brought on board to handle publicity for the new and unreleased Death Row archived releases. WIDEawake Entertainment recognized the talents of the emerging Hoopla Media Group and rewarded them with a major worldwide distribution deal.

Jonathan Hay and Chad Kiser started Hoopla Media Group in 2008 and they have added many principal executives including Justin Melo, Sabrina Hale, Patrick Solomon, Gary Meeks, Blake Rutherford, Raina Webber and others. Hoopla Media Group will start releasing music through WIDEawake Entertainment / E1 this year. Contact Hoopla Media Group at 310.402.6949 or email jhp@jhpworld.com.

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