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An Exclusive Interview with Jocelyn Bowman

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Songstress Joceyln Bowman sits down with MyDailyJoe for an exclusive interview following the release of her new single “Aaliyah’s Back“.


Tell us about your song “Aaliyah’s Back”…

Jocelyn Bowman: Its pretty much a tribute to Aaliyah.
What exactly inspired you to write the song?

Jocelyn Bowman: It all started with us joking around becuase they had so many artist saying 2 Pac’s back, Biggie’s back, Big Pun and so forth, but I never heard a tribute to a falling artist in the R&B world in which I can relate to. So I just sang a quick melody like “Aaliyah’s Back” and my producer was like, “Yo! lets do it!”

What’s the point you’re trying to make with “Aaliyah’s Back”

Jocelyn Bowman: It’s been 10 years so I just wanted to find a way to keep her memory alive other than being married to R Kelly and the Roc-A-Fella break up with her dating Dame Dash and Jay-Z. Let’s celebrate the music. So, yes, cherish the impact she’s had and [the] angel she is. “Aaliyah’s Back”…her memory that is. Continue reading

On the Charts: Lil Wayne, Hit Single Machine

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WINNER OF THE WEEK: In a digital-singles world, Lil Wayne has the perfect skill set. He’s perhaps the most prolific rapper in history, spewing out quality single after quality single with such speed that he even confuses his own backup band. “After the second leg [of the tour], we had to to figure out how to incorporate all these new songs with all this stuff that people know and love and come to see him perform, plus we have a [new] mixtape that has nothing to do with the seven songs he just dropped on the radio, plus [the upcoming] Tha Carter IV,” his music director, Gil Smith II, told Rolling Stone recently. “You’re talking about 30 songs we haven’t even tapped into.” It’s characteristic that even before Wayne’s last single, “How to Love,” dropped out of the top 10 on the singles chart, Wayne has a new one, “She Will,” co-starring Drake, which just hit Number One on both iTunes and Billbord and sold 255,000 digital copies. Prolific songwriters should pay very, very close attention to how Lil Wayne runs his business – each single activates the next.

LOSER OF THE WEEK: Could LMFAO’s insane dominance of the singles chart this year finally be coming to an end? The duo’s “Party Rock Anthem” finally slips from Number Two to Number Five on Billboard’s Hot 100, selling 148,000, a drop of eight percent. On the most recent Ultimate Chart, which BigChampagne compiles from online stuff like Facebook likes and YouTube views, it slipped from Number One to Three, and it landed at just Number Six on iTunes. We’re sure the band doesn’t care: As of a couple of weeks ago, according to Nielsen Soundscan, it sold more than 3.6 million singles total – compared to just 109,000 copies of its album Sorry for Party Rocking. Continue reading

Big A “Billionaire” (Music Video)

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Big-A is a buzzing artist from Salt Lake City, Utah who owns his own independent record label, LTA. He’s currently working on his album “You Can Find me in the LTA” which will bolster guest appearances from industry heavyweights such as T.I., Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, Kurupt, Spice 1 and more.

Watch the “Billionaire” Video Here

Why Is NYT’s Dealbook Blog Defending SEC Misdeeds?

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From the moment I first heard about the SEC’s 17-year history of document-shredding, I started wondering what defense the agency would eventually offer. For surely there had to be one; no great bureaucracy, public or private, just sits back and lazily accepts allegations of gross incompetence and/or corruption. There is always blowback, usually in the form of an outraged denial, and sometimes in the form of an attack upon the messenger, but always something.

But in this particular case, in which one of the SEC’s own has come forward and told congress that the agency has been systematically destroying its own intelligence over the course of three presidencies, there hasn’t been any of this. My first clue came when I called the SEC before the story came out and asked them about the allegations by SEC attorney/whistleblower Darcy Flynn. I sent them a detailed questionnaire, both about the document disposal and the mini cover-up among SEC higher-ups like former Goldman executive Adam Storch Continue reading

“I Can Tell You Who I Think Is Overrated, Jay-Z”

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While Jay-Z may have lost Rolling Stone‘s “King of Hip-Hop” title to Eminem this week, pop singer Sabrina tells SOHH he easily earns the crown for as the most overrated rapper.

Although Sabrina is not a fan of Hov’s latest offerings, she did admit to liking the material he released prior to achieving rap mogul status.

Sabrina just released her Remake D’Angelo campaign, go to:

Read the entire story on

Class A “Batter Up” ft Lil Chuckee of Young Money (Video)

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The official music video to Class A‘s Top 40 Indie Billboard charting hit “Batter Up” featuring Lil Chuckee of the Young Money camp.



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